Turntable Upgrade in Grundig Console

I have an old 1960 Grundig stereo console that sounds really good in FM mode but poor with the turntable in it. I want to upgrade to a new modern type of turntable but I was told I would need a crystal type player or use a phono pre-amp. Which should I go for? Also, there is a place to connect the Grundig phono, but it uses the Grungid connector. No RCA type plugs. Can I use the same connector or would I have to modify? Thank you.
The old Grundig consoles did sound and look great. My guess is that the table is directly wired into the receiver or is using the DIN type of plug...which is common in/on early European units. You would need to use a phono pre-amp for a moving magnet or moving coil cartridge, a good inexpensive choice would be one of the ones from Creek. If the table is directly wired into the units amp/receiver, then you should have a pro do the hook-up. If it is using a DIN plug, you should be able to find an RCA to DIN cable at Radio Shack...or on-line. Hopefully others will add their thoughts. Perhaps an AudiogoN member with knowledge lives your area and could take a look at it and give you some advice after seeing the unit.

Best of luck, Jim
Thanks for the response. It does have a DIN type of plug that is hardwired from the turntable and plugs into the radio chassis with a three pronged plug. I suppose I can get a RCA-Din plug and plug the phono box into the radio chassis that way. Would that work?
Sounds like it would work. Interesting to hear that you are doing this update on the Grundig. I am into modern furniture and design from the 1930's on, and have thought about getting an older, great looking, console unit that I just like the looks of, and putting all new electronics and speakers into it..for use in a bedroom.
Anyway, best of success with the Grundig.