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I have a question about listening to records on my system.  I'm pretty happy with what I have, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something. I have a Cambridge Audio Azur 651R AV Receiver. I have a pair of Quad 23L speakers. My phonostage is a vintage Yamaha C-4 that has been cleaned and recapped. My turntable is an MMF-5 with a Goldring 1042 cartridge with less than 50 hours on it. My big question is about the turntable. Like I said, I like the way that everything sounds, but because this was my first foray into higher quality stereo equipment, I don't have anything with which to compare it. If I upgraded to a Marantz TT15 or something in the 1500 dollar range, would I hear drastic improvements? I look for bargains on some of the dealer markets to get higher end equipment that has been discounted into this price range. As an example, I was just a little late pulling the trigger on a Gold Note Valore 425 SE, which retails around 2000 USD. Would that have made a big difference in sound compared to my MMF? Is there something else in my system that might be a weaker link. I just don't know because I haven't heard anything else.



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If you like the overall sound of the MMF-5 stepping up to the MMF-7.3 is a nice upgrade. It is a highly regarded TT. It is a Stereophile magazine class B rated component and has been on that list for a few years. It is my current TT and sounds fantastic! I'm running an Ortofon 2M Black cart as well as some other mods to it.
It will be hard to improve on it much without spending quite a bit more.