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I have a question about listening to records on my system.  I'm pretty happy with what I have, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something. I have a Cambridge Audio Azur 651R AV Receiver. I have a pair of Quad 23L speakers. My phonostage is a vintage Yamaha C-4 that has been cleaned and recapped. My turntable is an MMF-5 with a Goldring 1042 cartridge with less than 50 hours on it. My big question is about the turntable. Like I said, I like the way that everything sounds, but because this was my first foray into higher quality stereo equipment, I don't have anything with which to compare it. If I upgraded to a Marantz TT15 or something in the 1500 dollar range, would I hear drastic improvements? I look for bargains on some of the dealer markets to get higher end equipment that has been discounted into this price range. As an example, I was just a little late pulling the trigger on a Gold Note Valore 425 SE, which retails around 2000 USD. Would that have made a big difference in sound compared to my MMF? Is there something else in my system that might be a weaker link. I just don't know because I haven't heard anything else.



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Thanks @sonicjoy  and @reubent  for your quick replies. I do like the Music Hall. I might look into the 7.3.  @reubent , I do need the 651 for my video needs.  All of the reviews and specs that I've read say that it has great "guts" for reproducing 2-channel analog, and I've really enjoyed the sound so far, but my only comparison is a HK AVR receiver that I had before it, and this blows the doors off of that.  I've read enough on her and elsewhere of people saying that a dedicated integrated amp is the way to go.  I've thought about how I can do that. It is a possibility.