Turntable Upgrade From Modded Audio Note TT-1

I have an Audio Note TT-1 with a Michell Tecnoarm and Micro Benz Glider H running through an Avid Pellar phono stage powered by a Music Hall Cruise Control 2.0. I've also done a couple popular mods to the TT (ie, added rope calk beneath arm board and metal support beam, and replaced the cheap rubber feet with Mapleshade Heavy Feet). I'm pretty happy with the set-up but still have that itch that I could maybe do better. For <$2000 what would be the most prudent upgrade to get to the next level or two?

I've thought about a new phono stage (Rogue Audio Ares or Triton, Avid Pulsus, Audio Note L3 phono kit), new or used TT w/ or without arm (Michell Tecnodec or used Gyro SE keeping the Tecnoarm, used VPI HW-IV or Classic I, demo Well Tempered Amadeus), different cartridge...anyone with experience with similar set-ups?

Rest of the system: Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum, Sonics Anima speakers, REL Strata III sub, Harmonic Tech. speaker cables and interconnects, PS Audio AC-5 and 10s.

for under $2000, I would get a new cartridge and maybe a new phono stage. I dont think an under $2000 turntable will make an appreciable difference in your sound, unless you got a great deal used.
If you think the weak link is the phono stage and/or cartridge, any suggestions on both and opinions on the ones I listed?

Also, how much would I have to spend and/or which TTs should I look at to get a significantly better table than the Audio Note?
I don't know what country you are in. A lot depends on what is available
I'm in Souhern California. But I do make it to London and Tokyo 1-2 a year.
I've found through much experimenting that it takes a big bump in $$$ to improve on a turntable's sound once you are at the lever you are at. And I'm thinking a lot of it may have to ultimately be the product of arm/cartridge matching and system synergy. I would definitely start at the phono stage, maybe buy a used Manlye Chinook or a used Herron VTPH or stretch you budget and buy an Allnic H1201 which may be the best thing in it's or even a higher price range. A quality tube phono stage will change the perspective of your listening and you will definitely get your money's worth in an improved listening experience.
Yes, I'm partial to tubes of course and would love to temper the upgrade-itis with a nice tube phono pre for a while, since it seems I'd need to spend more than my budget on a new/used TT to see a significant improvement in that department. I'll keep an eye out for a used Manley or Herron, since I really can't stretch the funds for a while. Any experience with the Rogue Audio Ares or EAR 834 as well?
I had an upgrade 834 (better caps, etc) with NOS tubes for awhile. I then moved on to an Art Audio Vinyl One (used, you should be able to find one for $1300) which I like way better. Never heard the Rogue.
Would a used Michell Gyrodec with the newer power supply be an upgrade from the Audio Note TT-1?