Turntable Upgrade Advice Needed Rega P9 or Oracle


I am new to this forum.

Last year I upgraded my TT from a Rega P2 to a P5. I've added the Groovetracer mods to the P5 (subplatter, counterweight and Delrin platter). I'm very satisfied with the sound of the P5 and won't be looking to upgrade in the very near future.

When it's time to upgrade, where do I go from the P5? The RP6, while a better table would be a lateral move. As would a P7. I was thinking more along the lines of a used P9 or an RP8.

My audio dealer is offering to sell me his personal Oracle Delphi Mark IV Turbo for around $3200 or so. The Oracle does not have a tonearm. I've done some research on the Oracle and it's supposed to be an excellent sounding table. I guess the downside is that I would have to buy a tonearm. I've also heard that the Delphi is a finicky table and if breaks down the parts are expensive.

An option would be to buy an RB1000 tonearm to replace the RB700 on my P5 and should I decide to buy the Oracle, I could always mount it on the Mark IV.

What is the better turntable? Would it make more sense to find a used P9?

The price on the Oracle is too high. You could get a mk V with sme arm for that . Then it would be no contest.
stop throwing your money away on Rega upgrades. I made that mistake once in my life too. it will get you nowhere, they are not good tables.
Rega doesn't make good turntables? I can't buy that one.

I don't want to go down this road. I'm looking for opinions on the sound of the P9 and the Oracle Delphi. What is the better sounding table.
I had a mate with a P5 with groovetracer mods, separate power supply and Shelter 501. He tried the Rega P7 and it was no better. He bought a P9 which was a significant improvement. If you buy a P9 make sure you get the RB1000 arm as it is much better than the RB900. I have owned older Oracles and they are very smooth and salubrious sounding. The P9, being a fixed plinth design and having a very good external power supply individually tuned to the motor, it strengths are speed and timing. In summary I think the Oracle will give you a richer fuller sound, very nice, the Rega will give you a slightly leaner sound, but better pace and timing. The P9 is in runout as it is being replaced by the P10 so there must be some very good deals out there. Maybe your dealer can negotiate with the importer if he has stock to quit.
Go for the P9. You know you like the Rega house sound already, and the P9 is a VERY nice table. It is also much easier to setup and maintain than the Oracle, which is a pretty tweaky table.
Oracles are not tweaks., but do take a little more effort to set up than a rega.