Turntable Upgrade Advice

I want to upgrade from a technics 1200 MkII. I happen to really like my turntable, but I think I can do better. I like the look of it but it has a remarkably low WAF and sonically I think it is difficult to improve on it without a large cash outlay, but it is possible.

I have been considering a VPI HW19 juniour or MKIV. I have looked into Rega but I am not convinced by the no azimuth and no vta adjustment arguments; and the shims are a pain to deal with. So, I need a turntable that will perform better then my 1200 and that has the possibility to adjust azimuth, vta etc...that doesn't cost as much as a Honda civic, or BMW for that matter. Let us hear it Vinyl experts, I am sure there are many people faced with this exact predicament. Thanks.
If you like the turntable, improve the WAF factor with a drop-in solid wood turntable base. Go here and scroll down to the bottom. Choose from walnut, cherry, or maple. Look at the sample in cherry. It completely changes it from '70s modern to woody organic.
Hey it's a split on Rega arms.No VTF or other adjustments because they feel that rigidity is paramount.Origin Live 250 is supposed to a good arm (actually all of the line)and for buck 300 and 600.But I am of mind unless you lay out for a P9 (which is superb) there are better tables at price point.What does WAF have to do with TT's?I mean she might like looks of Wilson Benesch or pink Project Debut or different shape of Project 6 or above (9 with fiber arm is good).Maybe the Italian Blunotes have the look.Gyrodeck?Wood SOTA?SME10?(I line there 309 arm or Mk.4 which my friend owned and it was a beaut).I say make it based on your price tolerance for deck,cart and phono stage (if latter is not in pre) and let her speakers, room treatments (choosing carper instead of sonex foam) and rack where WAF come into play more often.

Have had 19 and Aries 12 (going to go more compact and pick one of 9" decks).I prefer non sprung decks with good wall mount and heavy platform or good rack. New sprung VPI is good.But bottom line is biggest bang for buck is the VPI Scout or better Scoutmaster.Get a Gingko cover and the VPI feet and latter if you want you can put TNT platter (on Scout) or Super platter to make the Scoutmaster a hot rod.Read up open ring clamp and some saying it's the best upgrade others saying SDS is.Either way you have used buy in as low as $1200 for Scout or $1800 for used S.Master and upgrade path exists.Anti skate is debate you'd need to look into.And not only 10,10.5 etc not 9 VPI allow for easy twist VTA (9" need wrench loosening and tightening) but I never adjusted my 12" much and set it for 180 gm current issues and old thick 50's jazz LP's.If you get a 140 or thick 200 or plus with most carts it not such a big deal.
get the wooden base and keep the technics.
You could get a bare used Rega and add an arm with the features you want. But I think the value of Regas is mostly in their arms.

There are various inexpensive aftermarket VTA adjusters for Rega arms. The most interesting are the VTAF ("Vertical Tracking Angle on the Fly") and the extensive mods done by Jeff Spall.

I think adjustable azimuth may be overrated; if you want to get a better vertical alignment than doing it by eye, it involves some external test equipment (which may be just a soundcard and some software).

Without azimuth adjustment, you do need to worry about the arm not having a twist, the mounting plate being absolutely flat, (both rare problems as far as I know) and the cantilever and stylus not being straight (unfortunately a more common problem than it should be). But all of these are reasons for rejecting an arm or cartridge and sending it back for replacement.
Went with VPI HW19, I am very happy!