Turntable upgrade

I currently have a EAT flat turntable with an ortofon black cartridge and always liked it.  However my beloved grandchildren, two and four, felt a need to help papa with his music while he was at work and ripped the counterweight off the tonearm.  The question is do I take advantage of the damage to 
1. Upgrade the tonearm and if so I will take suggestions (budget 1,500 to 2,500)
2.  Repair and upgrade cartridge (stylis may be damaged as well)
3.  Trade my grandchildren in for cash or sell them to the gypsies for magic beans.   

Thanks, temporarily digital only 

I would if possible prefer to lease them out.

If the cartridge looks good, it is. 

Impossible to give other advice without knowing what "ripped the counterweight off" means. A lot of them slide off pretty easily. If you just want a better arm why not just say so?

Sorry about lack of info.  The grandchildren tore the counter weight for tracking off.  In trying to reassemble and several tiny ball bearings fell off and could not be reassembled.  The tone arm seems to have a distinct curve that was not there before.  My tracking template will not line up and the warped arm not line up to template.  Without proper counterweight, arm and needle thumps onto album and slides across.   I have inquired with dealer and have not heard about cost of replacement.   I cannot honestly suggest that this is a warranty matter.   The flat carbon tone arm was unique but i want to explore options.  Hence the post.  


if you mean you have the eat e-flat tt, then the arm is the best aspect of the table

call your retailer or the eat importer and ask for their help to replace it on your tt... if you feel you like how it works and sounds

if you want to get suggestions on a new tt... say so, many will indulge