Turntable Upgrade

What would be a big enough  upgrade from a Project Carbon Debut? Any recommendations welcome. Price under $2,000 It would have to be night and day difference.  Amp - rogue cronus magnum  
Hello, " big enough " sounds like the operative phrase.
VPI's Cliffwood, with Grado-Green cartridge at less than $1000, might be a place to start thinking about what would make big difference.
It may be worth considering a Phono Pre-Amp and cartridge upgrade as a big factor also.
+1 on the VPI - that would be my choice in this "snack bracket"

Take a  look at - Music Hall models 5.3 and up

But for something completely different take a look at - JA Michell

Do you have any dealers in your area where you can bring your Debut and demo it against other tables?  Because it doesn't matter if a table is night and day better if it doesn't sound night and day better to you.  Certainly, it's a good idea to get some recommendations here, but without a good demo, it's a 100% crapshoot whether you yourself will appreciate the difference between what you have and what you plan to buy.  You may well end up keeping what you have.  But - if it's absolutely impossible for you to have a real demo, I would recommend the Music Hall 7.3.  Comes all set up and you can get it from Needledoctor or one of those online places that at least can provide you with some phone support.  Not bad tables at all, especially with a Herbies Mat.  
Thanks I only had the chance to demo against the rega 2 The two sounded the same. Tried to demo the Marantz 15s1 but it was having belt issues. I think I will check out the ca audio show in oakland  in a couple of weeks and go from there. Also vpi should have a rep there Thanks again all those tables look fine.
If your near the Bay Area you might want to contact this seller and arrange a comparison. 


Read the reviews for the new lower priced Technics GR.  
A  used table  would be fine. I checked out the poly table that yogi boy recommended at the show very nice quality and design. Still researching the best cart for that one. The margules sounded great for 1,800 very heavy cool design but after cart puts me at 2,300. Looking to find a store in the sf bay area that stocks a few vpi tables. At 900 if the clffwood performs close to the other tables that would be a consideration.
I'm sure the Cliffwood is a nice table but there are better at that price point used. 

Here re is a totally tweaked out HW19 mkiii with a killer 1200 cartridge for 2300 or without for 1600.