Turntable, Tube Amp and Two Speakers System

Hello everyone,
Here is my story.
I would like to build some simple but decent sounding system which would consist only of turntable, one tube amp and speakers. I've already purchased used Oracle (Mk 1) turntable.
And I am now to make a desicion which tube amp to get. The system is not going to be used for watching the movies. Only for music listening. I would like to have two speakers and on subwoofer. Should I get a tube amp for speakers and solid state amplifier for sub? I would like to keep it as simple as possible at the begining...so my wife won't go nuts about my old/new middle life crisis absession.
I would appreciate any suggestions regarding wich amp and speakers to choose. I am very new to the world of high quality sound systems. Your knowledge and expirience is minegold treasure to me! Thanks in advance!
Unless you get a integrated amp with a built in phono stage, you also need a preamp and a phono amp.
Why a sub? Are you planning on getting less than full range speakers?
I was not sure if I need a sub at all!
Thanks for correcting me! Of course with full range of speakers I don't need a sub! =)
I really don't know anything about phone stage feature of amplifiers. I heard about phone amp...
Please give some details about your budget, and your listening room size, and how loud you like to play music.
Hi Sputniks, I have a possible solution for you.
PS Audio is coming out mid-september with a Phono Pre-Amp with built in volume control.
Here is a link with more info:
I am contemplating doing a set-up just like yours in the near future with the PS Audio piece.
Good Luck....Nelson