Turntable to phono stage preamp cables.

Looking for some decent interconnect cables for my tube phono stage and turntable without taking a mortgage out on my house. I am currently running a Music Hall mmf 5.1 turntable coupled with a Clearaudio Maestro MM cartridge, which is running through a Jolida JD 9 tube phono stage with an upgraded pair of 12ax7's, then out to a Rotel RC 1580 control amp, finally through a Creek Evolution 100 power amp.I have considered the Music Hall phono connects for 100.00. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. 

Silnote has some nice phono cables.
Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 would probably be in line with the rest of your system.
Purist copper used great cable.
@ebm true. I have those used, Venutas (<sp?). But they weren’t cheap! But they are excellent.

im assuming you meant PAD.