Turntable to go with NAD and B&W's..Vpi, Rega etc

Hey there-so..I am soon to be getting my 1000 lps from England, and have been offered killer deal on almost new VPi Scout ($900) w/out cartridge..
Also saw used (and 8 years old) Rega P-25 locally..w/ Grado Platinum-as yet unsure of how good the stylus is on that one..
Advice please? It is super hard to find a dealer who can compare even a Vpi against ANY rega out here in LA believe it or not..
The build quality of Vpi seems excellent to me..Rest of system is NAD 320 BEE amp, NAD PP2 phono, B & W 602 S2 , -not fancy, but think it makes sense to spend money on front end at this point. ALSO...if i need to watch funds and get cheap cartridge..grado Black? Denon 160?
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The scout is good and more than enough table for most. The doubts over a used Grado gold prestige are not just paranoia. The scout will let you decide which cart to get a critical decision I think.. Does your NAD phono stage support MCs?
Hey there-Yes, The NAD PP-2 phono stage supports MCs-
I am wonderin if i can stretch to a Denon 160 which people seem to like-or just start w/ a Grado Black...
I feel its an easy upgrade path that way-???
I'm aware the NAD isnt perhaps in the league of the Scout but figure it makes sense to get a killing turntable esp if its almost new VS. a 7 yr old P-25 ..?
Tho the Rega P 25 seller tells me ita only had say 30 hours use....
It seems to me that the VPI is built like a tank too which appeals..
Over to you!
Do you have a budget in mind that you would like to share? That would help responders who might want to offer suggestions.
hey there-yes, budget is round about $1000 or thereabouts for t /table and cartridge.
so , if i can get the scout for 900...then maybe cartridge for 100 or so, i would be very happy...
but am interested in alternatives of course and suggestions!
The seller of the Rega says it's 7 years old and only has
30 hours on it? Beware of sellers making claims like this.This is just my opinion.
yes, i agree- an 8 year old table-its 3 hours playing time a year....!
Now-how about the crtridge- I NEED a 100-150 dollar cartridge to go in the VPI if i go for that...
Koloft, consider paying for an ad like the rest of the dealers, distributors and private sellers.
Koloft, trolling for customers on message boards without paying for the opportunity is very bad form. I wouldn't give you a dime no matter what you were selling with these tactics.
Anyway, gentlemen, can anyone tell me if they have compared say the VPI to a REGA P-25 ..a

..........And is it inadvisable to buy an 8 year old t/table (even one w such little wear?
I would have thought that the bearing etc might need lubricating? maintenance due to lack of use if anything??
For $100 cartridge on a Scout, I recommend a newer design such as the Ortofon 2M Red. If you're thinking Denon DL-160 (which is $180), then also consider the next step up in the Ortofon--the 2M Blue at $199.

The VPI JMW 9 tonearm has an effective mass of 7.7g, which is definitely low mass. The Ortofon 2M Red and Blue both have a dynamic compliance of 20 x 10-6cm/Dyne and a weight of 7.2g. This makes a near ideal match with a cartridge/arm resonant frequency of around 9 Hz.

The cartridge/arm database and calculator is available here.
Thanks Johnnyb53!
I will check that link out...And the Ortofon recommendation too..That cartridge/arm database is a great concept..