Turntable to Benchmark to amp...

I use a Benchmark DAC1 as my preamp.
I have a turntable and a external phono tube preamp I would like to incorporate into my system. How do I do this without having to purchase a separate preamp?
Is it the Benchmark DAC1 or DAC1 Pre?

The regular DAC 1 does not have analog line level inputs to operate as a pre-amp for analog sources, I believe. The DAC1 Pre version does. I think the latter is what you would need.
I do not think the original DAC 1 has analog inputs.
Mapman and Jpainter are correct. The DAC-1 is simply a DAC with a volume control. You would have to get another preamp with phono inputs.
DAC-1 doesn't have analog input. You can trade your DAC1 for a Benchmark DAC1 Pre for a few hundred dollars extra and avoid the trouble of getting a separate preamp.