Turntable tech in Seacoast -Portsmouth-NH area

Hello to all...I am researching my first turntable purchase
& would like to ask if there are any experienced,well regaurded techs who are willing to answer questions & provide advice for set up, adjustment & troubleshooting to an analog newbie.
Thank You
The best place nearby that I know of for analog expertise is Fidelis in Derry, NH. (www.fidelisav.com). Walter helped set up my table (which I bought from him), and did a great job of it.

Hi Brushro,

There is a dealer in Nashua who has a good deal of experience, esp. with Linn. I'm no expert but if I can help let me know. I'm in Chester, NH.


Sounds like you would benefit from purchasing Michael Fremer's Turntable Setup DVD. Do a Google search for reviews and availability. From all accounts it's very good.

Also, a quick Google search turned up Fidelis (fidelisav.com), a Basis dealer, located in Derry

Good luck!
Good one, Ed. I had forgotten about Fidelis moving to Derry.
Try DC Audio at Pease. They do good work and are very approachable.
If you want to go vintage, Vinyl Nirvana is based in Exeter.

Try Custom Theaters on RT 125 in Plaistow N.H. Mark the owner has been into analog forever. They sell Nottingham tables and others. He is always alot of help to me.
Phone # 603-382-9287
Tell him Leo sent you and he will charge you double,
even to talk.