Turntable Swamp. . .What to buy?

Overwhelmed by all the options and variables with little experience. Please advise.

I have a 1980's AR "The Turntable." Sounds okay, gets me to the "analogue sounds natural" level. However, I would like to upgrade (figure the arm at least is holding me back, original AR arm). When I put on some of the newer pressings things sound a bit dull, like i am losing the resolution that should be there. The rest of my system is a Primaluna Prologue 2 with mm phono board, custom Eton 2-ways with 8inch mids and tweets, blue jeans cables, AT 440mla cartridge. Anyway, here are the candidates I am drawn to:

-Michell Tecnodec-hard to find used so far, not much info or comparison, other than a Euromag that liked it.
-Nottingham Horizon SE same as above
-Rega P5, not that pretty but has a following and good reputation
-Rega P25, better looking, mixed reviews, pricey upgrade to get the TTPSU option that many prefer.
-VPI Scout, again some love it, some hate it, several are critical of the VPI arm, not that attractive.
-Rega RP6, seems like a dressed up P3-24. P5 and 25 seem like more bang for the buck.
-Sending the AR to VinylNirvana for a restore, could exceed the cost of all of the above, plus shipping risk.

So, I am kind of lost with all of this. I want something attractive, easy to deal with, and competent enought to enjoy the music without getting back on the forums :)

Thanks for the advice.