Turntable suggestions

I am currently building my first high-end system. I would like to add vinyl to the mix and would like suggestions for a turntable. My budget would be around $1000.00 although spending less would not bother me one bit. Suggestions for a phono stage are also welcome.

My system right now is a Rotel RSX-1055 pre/pro integrated, Thiel CS2.4 for main and a Sony DVD/CD player that will soon be upgraded. I am going to be trading in for a Bryston SP1.7 pre/pro and most likely high power Rotel amps. I will eventually go 5.1 channel surround.

I also have a Dynaco PAS-2, Dynaco Stereo 70 amp, and a Conrad Johnson PV-7 preamp that could all be utilized with my system. Both the CJ and Dynaco preamps have a phono stage. I have to find a good way to integrate all of my gear...if possible. I would love to get tube sound with vinyl and easily switch to SS gear for the rest of my playback which will consist of SACD, Redbook and movies. I think this is going to be a real adventure getting all of this to mate. What fun!
Thorens 124 ,125 ,Rega 3, - all less than 1K
Hmmmm...I've found Michell Tecnodec with an RB250 arm (you can easily mod the 250 later if you're so inclined), VPI HW-19 Jr. (also easy to upgrade later) or Nottingham Horizon are also all good turntables around that price. Music Hall MMF7's decent and I believe it comes fully set up with arm and cartridge.

There is a nice Linn for sale right around your price range on audiogon

I have used a like table for years and find it hard to beat
Look at the Nottingham Horizon too, $1K without arm or $1200 with Rega RB250. Users love them above some other entry level TT's and the RB250 can be modded fairly inexpensively when the upgrade bug bites. Should keep your attention for years.

Consider a used Well Tempered Original or Classic. I sorta regret selling mine.
You don't mention if the 1000 covers the A)table and cartridge or B)just the table. A)Rega P3 with a rega cartridge with the balance of the money B)spend a little more and get a P25
Both regas have a mulititude of upgrades and tweeks available from many different manufactures. So the tables make god starter tables that can be built and improved upon as time and budget allow. Also they both start out as great tables in the OEM state.
I have a Rega Planar 25 with no tweeks that's been sounding wounderful for two years now. I bet you could still get one for less than $1000 table, arm, and cartridge included.
To integrate one of your tube preamps' phono stages with your pre/pro, run your turntable into that tube preamp's phono inputs, with its input selector (or record selector if it has one) left set to phono, and then take the "TAPE OUT" outputs (also known as "REC OUT" or "LINE OUT" outputs) into an unused stereo line input on your pre/pro (NOT the phono input, if it has one). The tube preamp will be providing pre-preamplification and phono equalization, but its volume control and output amplification stage will be bypassed, effectively turning it into a phonostage. (Keep in mind that in order for the tubed unit to operate properly, you will still have to keep it outfitted with good correct tubes in all the tube sockets ; it's not OK to just remove the line-stage gain and output buffer tubes from the circuit, even though you won't actually be using them to drive an amplifier.)
I would also suggest looking at a Planar 25 -- I got mine with tonearm for $770 brand new. Good deals are out there on this one and it sounds alot better than the P3. What's nice is that the RB600 is a good arm that can be used when and if you plan to upgrade the deck. I am very happy with mine and have no plans to upgrade anytime soon.

If you do get this one, get a Heavyweight as well.

Nottinghams certainly get a lot of praise and are also worth a look
I would avoid the Thorens TD-124. Obtaining new idler wheels and belts is problematical (yes, it uses both -- belt from motor to stepped pulley and inder from stepped pulley to platter).

Also, you need to be prepared to re-lubricate the motor, stepped pulley, and platter bearings. Thorens used to have a kit with the different grades of lubricant needed. If you do wind up with a 124, I can send you the owner's manual for either the original 124 or the 124 II.