Turntable sub $4k buy decisions too many.

Good day fellow enthusiasts.

I’m moving away (sold) from my VPI Prime 21/ Koetsu Black combo to down size as my Aurender A10 is doing 90% of the music duties in my place now. I’ve been looking at tables in the sub $4k range and wow so many choices.

I’ve eliminated the Project, Technics, Rega and Thorns tables in this price range for various reasons. mostly due to looks if I was totally honest and yes looks has its thing in my house, it will sit in a prominent spot in my living area (open loft). similarly no black box’s.

If i was honest i wasn’t happy with the VPI table-Koetsu black gold line combo it was a little lack luster and frankly the quality of the VPI was not what I expected, tonearm lift didn’t work smoothly and stuck constantly, tonearm was not vertically straight with no way to adjust with out shims (gimbaled arm maybe i missed something in the set up) motor chatter every time you start if you forget to help it move etc. anyway its sold moving on. and no I don’t want a less $ one.

I’ve looked at many and had slipped upward some in my original $3k price bracket.

Tables i know i have access to through my dealers and are considering:

Clear Audio concept dark wood with Satisfy tonearm v2 cart package.

Oracle Paris with their reworked project 9 arm, in red :-). i like the hidden suspension system. ITS RED.

Acoustic Solid, Classic Wood with Rega made 330 arm. Or no arm. Canadian distributor now for this 10 year old German company.

Acoustic Solid, 113 Bubinga. ok this is just beautiful if not slightly over my budget but does it do the part as well.

Sota cosmos, maybe sapphire but that’s in the stretch area.

I may stretch for a few if compelled.

Transrotor entry tables have been recommended, maybe



Who have I missed to look into? Why would you not go with any of the above? Why would you go for something else?

If i get no arm option who’s arms are people recommending now in the sub $2k range?

there’s really not much on the used market right now but that’s an option as well.

Associated equipment:

McIntosh C2700 preamp, I’ll be using the internal tube phono stage. It bested my Gold Note PH10

McIntosh 275 Tube amp

Spendor D9.2 Speakers. very detail speakers....

I have a VDH MC10 MC cart and Sound Smith MI cart now but the VDH need a rebuild. so I'm open to a new cart or package. 


Thanks for your input and have a fine day my friends.


Glen N




PTP 9 would, with judicious arm purchase, hit your budget and comes in various colors...don't know if that look is your thing.


One of your problems was that the vpi tonearm was too light for the Koetsu Black cartridge

The Technics 1200G looks great and sounds great.  Its like fine wine.  it gets better and better with age.  Its the best table in that rnge you will ever find unless you find a great deal on a used Basis or SME.  

VPI user experiences seem to be all over the place here, on Agon.

 As a 10 year user, based on your description of what you had, I would have imagined it a fantastic performer.

Did you have it setup up professionally? If not, that may have contributed to your assessment that it's not for you.

The QC issues are unfortunate. My experience has been to reach out to them directly for issues, and they handle it. Perhaps these last couple of years things may not be a example of what I speak of? 

"One of your problems was that the Vpi tonearm was too light for the Koetsu Black cartridge"

testpilot- perhaps it is "on paper", but I've read HW  and countless users with Koetsu on their rigs over the years, with no issues. 

This is on both older and 3D arms(unipivot/gimbal)

I’ve been searching for used TT’s that allow Two Arms, found a few, some include a lot, some not, read the details

Groovemaster DC



I wrote to Peter, designer/owner of PBN who made the Groovemaster. He said they will be at a show near the seller very soon, seller could simply drop it off with him, they check it, box it, ship it to you. make new arm board if wanted.




IF you up your budget a bit, Clearaudio's INNOVATION has 3 variations, all take two arms: low to high:: basic; compact; Innovation (variation Innovation Wood)

basic, dealer open box, probably get full  warranty




Single Arm: Many choices. Here in NJ, VPI, you could have seller ship directly to VPI or VAS (Steve used to work/partner with them), they check it for you, you pick up from them