Turntable speed accuracy

There is another thread (about the NVS table) which has a subordinate discussion about turntable speed accuracy and different methods of checking. Some suggest using the Timeline laser, others use a strobe disk.

I assume everyone agrees that speed accuracy is of utmost importance. What is the best way to verify results? What is the most speed-accurate drive method? And is speed accuracy really the most important consideration for proper turntable design or are there some compromises with certain drive types that make others still viable?

I guess I misunderstood your riddle. I thought you wanted to have an explanation for a theoretical condition where the laser beam appears to lengthen whilst remaining fixed in its location on the wall. My explanation would fit that condition, I think.

I wanted to read reports from others that experimented with Timeline to determine if my test was unusual. Appears you got similar results with at least some of the turntables you tested and I appreciate your input.

Your conclusion about belt slippage seems accurate and in any case, indicates potential speed error (regardless of design).

I had the same result as you report with Timeline vs Mk3. (As you know, my Mk3 was purchased NOS and then completely serviced by Bill Thalmann.) Could not make it show any error whatsoever.

I too got zero errors on every test with MK3 and of course, I use Bill Thalmann for my rebuild. Anyone that asks about rebuild job on a MK2 or MK3, I always send them to Bill.

I realized after I wrote the post that I may have put you on the spot in asking so directly for your opinion about Mk3 vs NVS, because of your potential commercial interests. I apologize for that. In any case, you were kind enough to respond.

You did not put me on the spot any more than other posts at Audiogon. I also receive plenty of email requests for an opinion on these but I wonder (other than you and I) how many people actually own a fully and properly serviced MK3?

Don't forget that Mike Lavigne is in love with his NVS and there are very few systems at Audiogon that are equal to his in effort, detail and quality.

Mike had a Rockport, a table that could be called best of the best, although I never had one to compare. Mike has no commercial interest in NVS, he does not sell them or represent them. Sure, he's friends with Jonathan Tinn, but many people consider Jonathan a friend, including myself.

There are going to be differences in opinion on some things. I'm trying to be honest but with a firm grip on reality. Most people want new, reliable product with warranty and support. The NVS fits that description and I imagine will have many satisfied customers.

Others will persue Micro Seiki, Pioneer Exclusive, Technics or other golden audio era products. The argeument over this will never end.
Hi Albert,

I heard that you are looking to sell your NVS; are you going to still be planning to continue as a dealer for NVS and JTinn?

Mike L mentioned to me last year that he paid the same for his NVS as you did for yours...was your price around the $12k, or so, that JTinn was selling the NVS for earlier last year?

There are some very respected bloggers on these pages that really try to be informative & give honest assessments of what they are trying to achieve or review.
They form their opinions on facts & how components work in their systems or their close friends systems. They form their opinions on their personal experience &
living with the component for a extended period of time. I respect someone who goes to these lengths.

But what irks the hell out of me is the few who love to run their mouths in a very negative way when they have absolutely NO grounds to do so about a particular product.
AKA the NVS! If you don't know what is going on you should keep your mouth shut & learn what the facts are. Or buy one & form your own opinion!

I do understand personal preferences on sound & how products fit our systems & respect each & everyone's opinion.. well maybe not everyone's!
Some products are a good fit for us & some not ( in the scheme of our systems ). We all shoot for a sound that appeals to us. This does not make a product bad.
But in order to voice a opinion that is justified & has credence to their remarks...

#1. Have they had personal experience with a certain product
to voice such a strong negative opinion?
#2. Have they used the product in their OWN system to form their opinion.
#3. Have they done A/B comparisons to form their opinion.

On the NVS, Yes, I do own it & love it. I have owned a good number of Turntables / arms over the years. Some even mentioned in this thread.
I have followed the NVS since it's inception, even before when it was in the planning stages. I was kept abreast on it's development from the start & even was asked my opinion on some of the design features. Yes, I'm friends with Mr. Tinn & no, I do not have a investment with him either. Just a crazy audiophile for the last 40 years.
The fact that it was going to be a DD table, sold me, as this was the direction I wanted to stay on since my first experience with DD. I prefer them.

No one ever said the price was $25K to start... rumors...

No one ( to my knowledge ) ever stated it was better than any other TT. To me nothing is the best. Let's just say this table is damn good & can hold it's own against some of the so called best. IMHO of course.
There are many many great tables & we all have a passion for them otherwise we wouldn't be sharing our experiences.

With a lot of new products that come to market, improvements are made, this is nothing new. I for one, am glad designers do not sit on their hands & say that's it I'm done, I can't do no better.

This table was designed to be a plug & play, that is why it is being shipped completely assembled..... this is nothing new as well, so let's no harp on that.

There were issues with a couple of units shipping wise, thus the change to a less handled crate. Congrats on seeing a problem & correcting it. Believe me the original packing was no slouch.

Please,,,,, let's get our facts straight & not spread a handful of bs rumors. Go listen for yourself, & form your own opinion & not use someone else's misaligned view.

Enjoy the music.
I think Grr6001 summed it all up pretty well.

I heard that you are looking to sell your NVS; are you going to still be planning to continue as a dealer for NVS and JTinn?

In this economy I'm not sure it matters. If you have interest in the NVS I'm sure I can get one. Yes, I have been trying to sell a NVS, the one I have and/or another from stock. In fact I would love to sell about six of them if you know any interested parties.

I just purchased a new car, spent more than I should have, but all of them seem to be too much these days. The warranty on my old car was expiring and it was sink or swim.

Maybe cash flow is not an issue for you, it is for me. I still have a kid in college and my wife lost her job.

Mike L mentioned to me last year that he paid the same for his NVS as you did for yours...was your price around the $12k, or so, that JTinn was selling the NVS for earlier last year?

I speak to Mike Lavigne occasionally, he is always busy because he has about a hundred employees he has to deal with. Frankly I don't see how he does it.

As for price, I have no idea what Mike paid, I never ask.

The price for the NVS that I have, large halo and all the other upgrades is (and has been) always $45K as far as I know.

Not to be snooty with you, but if I owned a DD Rockport I would not give the slightest damn what anyone else had. I would just spin it and listen to some LPs.