Turntable speed

I just got back into Vinyl after 10yrs of CD. I don't have a Strobe disc, but have noticed that when I a/b CD to Vinyl it sounds like the LP is running slow. My Rega P2 TT doesn't have pitch control, just a little rubber belt that I manually change to 33 or 45, belt is new. I searched and came up w/ a solution that said if speed is correct that it should make 100 revolutions in 3 minutes. Mine makes 101 1/3 revolutions. Does this mean it's actually running fast? I've heard that Rega's run fast not slow. Thanks in advance
Yes, It is fairly common for Rega TTs to run a little bit fast.

Sometimes there is a perception of the sound going a bit slow, when you are hearing alot more detail. I know that sounds kind of funny, but I have even read reviewers making that claim in their reviews, when the TT had "spot-on" speed, but sounded a little slower, due to the detail and quality of the sound.

I don't claim to know the reasoning behind this, but it is just something that I've read people claiming. Perhaps it is actually a "psychoacoustic" phenomenon, since you have clocked the speed, and it is not slow, but actually a touch fast, but sounds slow.
If the pitches of the two format versions of the same recording actually differ from one another upon playback, but your TT's measured speed accuracy checks out OK, then it's probably due to an original analog mastering flaw that's been corrected in the CD version. But if you find there are consistent pitch differences in all the recordings you own in both formats, something's off with your TT's playback speed. OTOH, if there is no discernable pitch difference anywhere, but it's just an 'impression' of 'fast' or 'slow' sound you perceive, then sprinkle some fairy dust over your shoulder and go out to a concert... :-)