turntable skipping with footsteps

Amongst all the expensive turntables around which are likely to skip with footsteps on a house with wood flooring..
Once own a basis table and was skip free even with jumping on hardwood floor
How do you fixed it other than a wall shelf...
I settled my LP12 down with Aurios and I added a brace under the floor. ut the Aurios seemed to do the most.
Seems you already know the solution!
I have had several turntables, and I have found that floor and rack made more difference than anything. I would say to go with a piece of equiptment that sounds as good as possible and then get a rack which is as stable as possible. Some floors just will never be stable at all. I had a SOTA which you could jump next to, and now I have an LP!2 which is quite sensative. Personally, the arm and cartridge I have (benz ace/rega) I am sticking with the Linn because I simply spent the requisite money on a great rack. It is still effected, but is much better. I am happier with the sound overall, so it is a trade off.
I had a spring-suspended and could not cure the problem. It was only resolved when I went to a non-suspended table.
Hello Umaasa, you may want to read Halcro's excellent post on turntable feedback. Could you narrow down or give more info on where you're at or looking for?
i could not walk across the floor without the skipping problem on my lp-12 then i put up a target wall shelf and not only did the problem stop completely. i mean i can jump up and down on the floor now and nothing happens, but the sound got so much better also
I had same experience as Wwshull. The target wall mount shelf solves the problem with the lp-12. I don't think you can use an lp-12 on a wood floor, unless the floor is heavily braced and the turntable "stand" is directly on a support pillar.
Yet another reason to not buy a Linn turntable.
I solved my footstep problem in my listening area w/a Ginko isolation platform. Now I can dance!
Consider applying a couple of 4x4 planks upright beneath the floor (in the basement/room underneath the room with teh turntable). If these are measured correctly so that they barely fit (you have to kick them into place), they can solve a lot of the footfall issues.

I opted for a wall mount and found it easier to set up than I expected and I've no issues.