Turntable Shoot Out $2000-3000

I have been out shopping. The sweet spot for high end TT's appears to be squarely in this price range. VPI Scoutmaster/JMW, Kuzuma Stabi/Stogi, Nottingham SpaceDeck/Ace Space, Michell Gyro/Rega, Wilson Benesch Circle Turntable/ACT 0.5 Tonearm, the upcoming Galibier Sarac. All have good pedigrees/reputations, all are in this(reasonably) affordable price range, all sound somewhat different, but which offers the most sonic bang for the buck??? Any one with direct comparative experiences? Thanx.
Do you want to include Clearaudio's offering? I think they have grat tables in that range.
Basis 1400 signature is outstanding at it's price point.....nice to look at also.
Don't forget to add ease of setup, ability to use a wide range of carts, suitable documentation and technical support, & reliability to your criteria. I've owned the Nott and now own a VPI Aries, both are good tables, ended up keeping the VPI because of the above, a Nott with someone elses arm would be an excellent choice (imho).
Are you thinking brand new or used? I am very pleased with my Rega P9/1000 arm and was quite impressed with a Wilson Benesch model with a carbon fibre arm tube at a show. No mention of a used LP 12. Any reason why it does not appear on your list other than the age of the design?
If the Galibier Sarac is close to its big brother the Gavia this becomes a no brainer. Go with Thom Machris and the Serac
a german table that isn't overpriced...the acoustic solid classic. 1500 with arm, and hey it really is solid
Lots of good tables in this range. Everyone has an impressionable favorite. It's going to be hard to point you in the right direction. I don't think you've listed any poor choices. The differences are going to be hair splitting unless you are a seasoned vinylphile. Assuming you pick a table that has ardent followers, just abut anything you pick should be fine. IMO, this is the price range sonically where the tables start to get really good to my ear.