Turntable Shipping?

What needs to be done when shipping a turntable (VPI)? I dont have the box. I think I can pack it so it will survive UPS abuse, but what about the bearing oil, will there be a problem if it rides upsidedown? I can secure the platter or do I need to remove the platter? Just dont want to send someone a problem. Thanks.
The platter must be removed, and the oil drained, and the bearing hole plugged. New oil must be provided. The counterweight must be removed from the arm, and maybe the arm itself should be removed and packed separately, if possible. Everything must be well separated in the packaging material, because all parts have significant weight, and they will bang together in shipping. I know some people who ship the platter separately from the base, and the arm separately also, in 3 different boxes.

If the motor is attached to the plinth assembly, the motor may have some transport screws to hold it solid during shipping, and released before playing.

A turntable is a real pain in the ass to ship, but taking the time and effort is easier in the long run, than having a dissatisfied customer and a 6 month runaround with a UPS damage claim.
I would try to secure original packaging from the manufacturer. No shipper will honour a claim if the manufacturer's packaging is not used. Even when such packaging is used, there is an uphill battle almost every time something happens in shipping. At any rate, TWL's recommendations are correct, the platter should be removed and provided with its own box and the oil drained and the bearing protected. The platter could be put inside the same box as the rest of the tt if it's own box is secured properly. Don't assume that crumpled newspaper or even bubble pack will hold multiple rather heavy items securely inside a box. I shipped an HK tt a while back that was as nice as the day it came out of the box from the store, all carefully packed in the original materials, and the purchaser contacted me to say that he believed something was wrong with the arm. As the purchaser never got back to me I assume that once he reassembled the tt and figured out where everything went and how it worked, that it was in proper condition. My point is that I remember the care I took in packing it, the amount of tape I used to secure everything and the extra bubble pack I used and I cannot imagine how it could have been safely packed without the original styro inserts. So I would pay for original cartons from the manufacturer or sell locally. Just my rather long two cents worth. TT = hard to pack. Good luck.
Just one more word of caution... Don't use a packing service such as Mailboxes Etc. They are clueless on how to properly pack a high end turntable. I bought one where the seller used such a service and was apalled when I opened the shipping cartons and found how poorly the TT had been packed. It luckily survived with only minor scratches, but I can see from the way it was packed that it was just sheer luck that it was not damaged beyond repair.

In the box they had some very light and pliable sponge pieces separating the heavy motor assembly and platter. The tonearm was shipped connected to the plinth with its counterweight in position on the arm. I really don't know how it survived.

I know that people think that because they are paying for the service that it will be done correctly, but this is far from the truth. The truth is that these places are only interested in making a profit and doing the job in the least amount of time possible.
In responce to Plato's post, I don't think most Mail Boxes Etc. are trying to do the least they can.They may indeed be clueless but not unconcerned{not saying the one you used wasn't just as a whole}. You see when they pack it they then become responcible and they have to follow UPS packing guidlines which are pretty strict.If UPS says "insuffiecent packing" when making a claim thats their problem.They have become your agents .They have to pay up. Its hard to get people for any job that really care about the quality of there work but as a whole MBE's have a stake in seeing that its packed right.My advice would be ask to over see the packing and give bery specific instuctions.