Turntable setup Long Island or NYC ?

Anyone know of a good source for turntable setup on Long Island or NYC area? I have a Basis 2001 / Rega rb-900 rig. I feel sound has deteriorated and not satisfied with my attempt at tuning.Thanks in advance....
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Give a call to Innovative Audio in Brooklyn Heights. (They have another store in Manhattan, but IIRC, turntables are serviced in Brooklyn). They are a Linn dealer, and could probably help with your TT.
If you find someone, please let me know too. I need someone to do set up work. Thanks

Audio Doctor does turntable work all over the New York region.

We have stylus protractors, electronic strain gauge tracking force indicators and over 20 years of experience with all types of turntables.
Bob at Innovative Audio in Brooklyn had a talent w/ turntables. He is a long time model hobyist, seems working with small delicate items is a talent for him. Heck of a nice, honest guy as well.
Check High End Audio Repair in Brooklyn # 718 377-8010 ask for Ben.
Fred (if he still works at Ears Nova) is the best. Don't know if he is still around.
Thanks for all these options, most of which I was not aware of.. Will probably start with Ears Nova since they are a Basis dealer.......
Innovative Audio is no longer in Brooklyn Heights. They do have a Manhattan store. I was a customer for years, and thought that the last set-up they did on my turntable was not as great as it could have been, so I tried Accent on Music (Dave Wilson) in Westchester. He seems very good.
Personally, I have never met anyone to take the time, the trouble, or the care that needs to be done except myself. Remember too that as the cartridge ages, the VTA, and perhaps other adjustments have to be corrected. When I do my tables, it may take months to follow it through.
High End Audio Repait does not do in-home setups, which is what I need.