Turntable setup in New York City Help

Anyone out there in Manhattan that could help with setting up my JA Michell turntable and SME arm. It looks complicated and I feel the need for some help.
You might want to post a message at audioasylum in the Vinyl forum. It's the most active analog site I've found.

I just recently got a Gyrodec SE myself. It isn't too difficult to set up, there is a link on the michell website to a setup manual.

Good look and enjoy, I love mine.
I agree with the previous poster. Having lived in NYC for
nearly 16 years, I can assure you that you will do a far
better (and careful) job of doing this than any dealer in
the Metro area. Tons of resources on the 'Net.
Analogique on 10 West 17th is an excellent service show that specializes in High end repairs!
I totally agree with Sknnyc, there isn't a dealer in NYC worth spending the money for. Analogique is a good repair place, but they are generally REALLY booked up (the repair on my Pathos took eight weeks!) so you may have a wait. I would recommend doing it yourself, that way you'll also be able to experiment with VTA, etc, to find out what sounds best to you.