Turntable setup in Chicagoland area


Wanted to know if anyone in around the Chicagoland (south suburbs)  area that does TT setup .  Not sure if Brian Walsh still offers the service?

I'm not sure if I'll have the patience to do it myself.

I was thinking Brian Walsh before opening this up. Yes, Brian. 
@fjn04 :  on his website contact page not working?   still in business?

@invictus005  if you have  some free time could we speak 
Call Music Direct.  They have really great customer service.  If they do not offer the service ( and I am guessing that they do ) they may be able to point you in the right direction.
Brian Walsh moved to Music Direct last year.

DeKay is correct, but I am no longer there. I do offer the service freelance and stake my reputation on the results. I can be contacted by private message here or by calling the number for my old business.

Brian Walsh
I would trust Brian Walsh.  He has a long history and great reputation in the industry.  I have met him several times and he has good depth of knowledge.  

I would not trust infectus005.
Chris Barry is the go-to Linn setup guy. He was at Music Direct, too. No longer there. 
Gee, bpoletti, I don't know what to say except the check's in the mail :-)

celander, yes, Chris is a good guy. He moved back to Michigan.
@ bpwalsh - shhhh...  Audiogon will want a piece of the "value exchange."  ;-)
Brian Walsh is no longer with Music Direct.  He still offers setup services in the Chicago area.
Another Big heads up for Brian-rest assured he will deliver the sonics
your Vinyl deserves --his knowledge of TT setup is top drawer --he assisted me in setup even when he could not travel to my Home.

His advice opened a new dimension to my playback --plus his pricing
is a bargain well worth it.

Highly recommended!