Turntable setup

Need good intructions on how to fully adjust TT. The whole set of instructions. Is there a good piece of literature out there?

Here is a good start. I listed some other links to a question below about cartridge alignment but that post seems to have disappeared.
tonearm alignment

Well, it depends a lot on the turntable. If setting up a cartridge is the issue, Mike Fremer made a video for that. If other issues are involved, like setting up a springy type turntable, some of it depends on the make and model. One constant is that everything should be level, but otherwise, you need to let us know more about your turntable.
Buy Michael Fremers set up dvd. I have it, & it is very clear & informative.
Michael Fremer's DVD
Mike Fremer's DVD.
Take a look at Fremers DVD available from most internet audiophile music dealers.
Yes, the Fremer DVD is a great place to start. In the end though you'll want to develop your own methods based not only on the DVD but advise of others on this forum and literature that you access. As good as the DVD is, there's more than one way to skin a cat. You'll ammend it in time with methods you like better.
In addition to Fremer's DVD, read the FAQ's articles at Vinyl Asylum. There are fewer knowledgeable people posting there now than there were several years ago, but the FAQ's are a good resource.

BTW, if you compare those articles carefully you'll observe some conflicts. As Sonofjim said, there's more than one way to skin this cat. Just be careful you don't pick one that kills the cat!
JPaudio : What type of turntable are you setting up ? As I understand the Fremer CD does not address Linear TT set-up , only pivot arms and the tables they are attached too.
Ask your TT manufacturer and check out the website