Turntable set up recommendations needed........

Would like to venture back into vinyl. Looking for input on what type of unit to buy complete for 2k or under. My current system consists of the following:

Adcom GFA-5802 AMP
Adcom GFP-750 PRE
Adcom GCD-750 CDP
Magnepan 1.6qr
Sunfire Architectural Signature Sub

Suggestions please............
This question gets asked almost weekly...suggest you try doing a forum search if rec's needed.
TAS (or was it Stereophile?) reviewed recently an VPI integrated unit (TT w / arm) which they actually liked better than the Aries unit (which is generally viewed as one of the best values of analog and sells for between $2K and $3K). The turntable and arm RETAIL for around $1500.

It is hard to believe that you can do better for this for the money. With the the extra $ you could buy one of the top rated cartridges from Grado (Sonata) or Ortofon (Kontrapunkt A).