Turntable Set-Up HELP!

Hi All,

I replaced an old MC phono cartridge with a new Orotofon 2M Red MM on my VPI HW19jr turntable with an Audioquest PT-8 tonearm. The turntable feeds into a Music Hall PA 1.2 Phono Preamp. Everything was working fine with the MC cartridge, but with the change to the MM I am getting zero sound through the speakers. All other sources are currently working fine. I can hear the needle tracking the music if I put my ear to the turntable, but the signal is getting lost somewhere. I only made two changes to the set-up- added the new cartridge and changed the preamp setting from MC to MM, no other connections to the previously working system were changed.

Here's what I've tried to trouble shoot:
* Checked to see that the cartridge was wired correctly
* Made sure the cartridge wiring connections were tight
* Tried changing the setting on the phono preamp back to MC & back to MM setting
* Removed and reinstalled the needle from the cartridge
* Contacted the store that sold me the cartridge, they suggested it was probably the preamp
* Contacted the preamp manufacturer, they have never heard of this problem before

I do not have another turntable, another preamp or the old MC cartridge to restore it to its previous state.

Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 

Ps. I am not an audiophile. The system itself was originally set-up Magnolia AV.

Thanks in advance!
If you have a multimeter (and you should) you should check continuity from the cartridge leads to the phono cable connectors on the table to make sure that connection is secure. Try another set of cables from table to phono pre.

It could be the cartridge (that’s what I think, that red is VERY cheaply made) and I would ask for a replacement. That cart is not expensive and a replacement should not be an issue.
I agree; the cartridge must be defective. Nothing else makes sense unless if you have a separate phono stage it may have blown a fuse. Might check that.
Is there a switch on the Music Hall to go from MC to MM?
With no cartridge connected, touch the headshell wires with your finger. Whether in MM or MC, you should get a hum as you touch them.
If you get noise on both MM and MC, then it is most likely the new cartridge at fault. If you do not get noise on MM, then the amp is at fault. Make sure you have power on the preamp!
The arm is really a modded Jelco 350. Ensure the cable going into the arm base has not come loose.