Turntable service in Albuquerque?

I'm actually in Santa Fe, but the only guy I know of who did turntable setup/service/repair seems to have left town. Can anybody recommend somebody in ABQ? I just bought an old Dual 506 for a pittance and it sounds pretty good but I'd like to have someone who knows what he's doing look it over. Any responses appreciated.
Hello, Is it just set-up that's required, or are there operational issues, etc with this Table? I'm in southern NM, but that isn't probably doing you much good? I know of one fella up in White Rock who is over in AudioKarma Forums, perhaps he can be of help knowing, or perhaps willing to help you?

Where I live, NM is basically a "audio-barren" state, with only Wally World, and the Boom Box Boys assaulting everybody in a 4 block radius.

If just set-up issues, it's actually best you learn this yourself, unless there's some certain reasons you cannot.

If you can be more specific, this might help. Mark
Hudson's Audio on Menual.
I second Hudson -- not that they can probably do anything for you themselves, but somebody there probably knows someone who knows someone, etc. Here are the basic specs:

Besides cleaning and lubricating, it will definitely need a new belt. You can get one here:
or here:
Hey guys, thanks for the input. I can do really elementary setup to the best of my ability, it's more the cleaning/lubrication etc that I'm interested in having somebody do.

I ordered a belt from a guy on Ebay that was supposed to fit the table, but it seems too small in diameter, and it lacks the textured finish on the inside that the original belt has, so I'm using the original for now. The problem is, there is a sort of notched area where it was looped around the capstan-thingy coming out of the motor (I really know my turntable lingo, huh?) so that's causing some minor speed irregularities, I think. It has an Ortofon cart on it, not sure what model, but altogether it sounds amazingly good. That's another thing I would like someone who knows what to look for to check out; to make sure the needle is in OK shape. I would buy a new cart but this particular model of Dual features the one-screw headshell, which apparently makes things a pain in the ass to deal with.

I'll try calling the guys at Hudson's. Thanks for the links and the info.