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I recently purchased a second hand Rega P3, less than two years old. Everything seems great, aside from the tonearm lever. When I lift the arm via the tonearm lever there is a sufficient amount of space when I lower it on to the beginning of the record. The problem is when I raise the lever at the end of the record there is significantly less space and depending on the LP there is none. Is there anything I can to to correct this problem? Am I doing something else wrong?
It is possible that your lifting rack(the arc-shaped part that contacts the arm tube) is bent or loose. See if it wiggles up-and-down. If it does, there is a small allen head set screw that holds it on. Position it properly and tighten it up. Maybe that will cure it.
I have a p3 and the problem is inherent it seems...
My arm seems to have lost its hydrolic lifting power...
I dont know if this can be taken apart and refilled, so to speak. The lift arm pushes down with the finger and the lever rises, but then when you put the lever down, sometimes the lifting rack does not follow...
How knows...
any more insight...
I didn't know how to make a link, but this is the URL to Turntable Basics. They have 10cc bottles of silicone cueing mechanism fluid, for replacement of broken down or leaked fluid from the cueing system in your TT. It is $10.


Take off the lifting rack by loosening the set screw.
In the Rega, there is a 2 pin tool to remove the top of the cylinder housing. You may be able to use 2 small nails driven thru a small piece of wood(at the proper spacing) as a spanner to remove this. Take out the piston. Clean out the cylinder with alcohol and a Q-tip. Replacement is a guessing game, because you don't know how much to put in. Try an amount, re-assemble, and see if it is enough. If it goes up all the way it is enough. If it is too stiff to move, it is too much. If it goes up too little it is not enough.

If you don't feel comfortable with doing this, take it to your nearest Rega dealer.
TWL, I knew you would have the answer!!
Your brain must have a kitrillion gigabytes!!
Thanks for the advice..
It makes perfect sense!