turntable repair shops in los angeles?

Where is a turntable repair shop in los angeles? I can't this in search function.
I think Brooks Berdan in Monrovia would work for you if you're willin to travel east a bit. It's worth the drive anyway just to view the analog museum he has assembled. Great guy and staff to work with.

I know Mitch Singerman in LA repairs electronics and phono stages, not sure about TTs, you could check with him though. Nice guy and very helpful.
I've heard good things about Brooks Berdan in Monrovia.
One of the greatest turntable technicians in the United States, Brooks Berdan, has a shop in Monrovia. There's nary a TT in the world he hasn't laid hands on(joking).

Hell, it's worth the trip just to see his Analog Museum which has literally hundreds of different TT's, tonearms, carts, and albums.

Brooks, his son, and everyone that work there are incredibly nice and knowledgable. And extreme honesty to that list of positices. It is also a fantastic place to hang out and listen to music while talking audio with regualrs who drop by all day.

It's not too bad a drive if you make on a Saturday when traffic is least.

Brooks Berdan Ltd
110 West Olive Ave, Monrovia, California 91016

Hope this helps.
I second Brooks,he is a class act.
Call Brooks at 626-359-9131___ About the best in the world;if that helps. He don't open till noon Tue thru Sat.

He don't open till noon Tue thru Sat

I need to work for that guy.
Yes If you work for him then you may just get to drive his Ferrari, Lambo, NSX, Pantera, Transam.... Or may be get to put cover on them everyday he gets in;-). Then come back in the store to touch /listen thoes gorgeous equipement he got. Back room is filled with TT's and stuff that you probably seen only pics of.

His son, Brian, is also a great help.
I knew photography was the wrong business.

Well, except for Marco who has a gig photographing beautiful girls and kitchens.
Check with Tom Carione at Brooks Berdan Ltd. 626-359-9131.

I was just there last week getting some speaker drivers replaced while I waited. Friendly, fair, great shop to hang out at. Lots of interesting characters wander in and out. Tom is wonderful and Brooks is way cool too. I drive in from Palm Springs (2 hours)whenever I need any kind of service. No sense in messing around with any other shop in the SoCal area.

BTW, they open at 11 not 12. If he had A'gone feedback it would be like 1000 positive.