Turntable repair Houston area?

Broke a tone arm lead on mmf 2.2 le trying to change cart. Any help is appreciated. Thanks - Mike in Spring
I use Save-On Sound on Antoine (not that far from you, I imagine.) 713-957-9600. The owner, Mr Tham (sp?) is very pleasant and helpful. He appreciates vintage gear, and I think his pricing is reasonable. I have an Infinity FET preamp getting "Phase II" repairs and upgrades there right now. Turnaround time may be a bit long for complex things, but the place is obviously busy - the shop full with vintage gear awaiting repair. Call first to make sure he's in (usually M-F 10-5.) There is an upfront charge of $30 which is applied to any final repair charges.
I have also used Save On Sound, though not for tone arms. Tom did good work on a couple of tube amps I brought in.

Call before you go to be sure Tom will be there - - -
Thanks for the tips. I had a Sansui receiver recapped there years ago but had not considered Tran for TT work. He fixed my TT with a 3 hour turnaround at a reasonable price. Great Houston audio repair/refurbishment resource.