turntable recommendations

I'm currently running a rega rp6 with a groovetracer subplatter and a dynavector 20x2 cartridge.  I quite like it, but Upgradeitis has set in.    My goal is to get a  noticeable improvement without breaking the bank, say $5 K absolute tops.  I prefer new.    Based on my search to date, my current finalists are a rega p8 with apheta 3, or a dr. feikert volare with Origin silver mk3a tonearm and a hana ml.   Others I seriously considered are a clearaudio performance DC wood or a VPI prime, but with those I would have to put the Dynavector on it to stay under budget and it already has high hours on it.  None of these choices are available to demo in my area (Seattle) so I'm reaching out to my audiophile brethren for your experience, to better inform my decision.  
@stereo5 ,

👍 Nice. Experimenting w/mats can be enlightening. From what the Luxman mat has achieved, I have no doubt the Oracle hard Mat w/HRS weight is very effective. Tried using an HRS (lighter one) & the Wave Kinetics W8 Record Weight (which looks like a Hostess Ding Dong 😁) with the Luxman mat - while they were different, I preferred using the mat plain. Like a true Technics, just toss records at it! 
@stantheman - could you have put a Rega RB 880 arm on the Dr. Feikert? I am very surprised that you didn't think the P8 with that arm didn't sound better than the RP6 with the RB330. That may have been something to think about. Sounds like a nice phono stage. 

Yeah Rega doesn't offer big discounts, I guess because they don't have to with their market share.
I get that you really like Rega and Rega arms. I possibly could have put a Rega arm on the Feikert.  FYI, Origin started out modding Rega arms; the dealer described the Origin arm as sounding like a hot-rodded Rega arm; the Origin arm gets outstanding reviews on line; and other posters on this thread who heard the Feikert with the Origin arm think it's a great combo.   
I heard the P8 for 15 minutes at a dealer in a small room crammed with other gear - far from an ideal environment.  That said, I was not immediately "wowed" by it, whereas I was "wowed" by the Feikert in my system from the minute I put on the first album. 
Enjoy! Obviously the  best thing would have been to compare both of them in your home with the same cartridge, which sometimes is hard to do. As long as you have a reputable brand (I've heard a little about Feikert and it is carried by the most knowledgable dealer in my area) you can always trade it in and get a good % of what you paid back, especially if you go back to the same dealer. That's why a lot of them offer in home demos or money back guarantees.

I think Rega offers great value, especially with their arms, but I would always keep an open mind. I've heard good things about SME (up there in price) and JE Michell tables.
another vote for the SOTA turntables, 100% made in Wisconsin, USA, and custom feet from these guys in Minnesota,  Turntable Phonograph Vinyl Record Player lsolation Feet – Mnpctech