Turntable recommendation

My wife and I are looking into getting a turntable. It would get light use as we mostly stream music via Qobuz. Current system is Bluesound Node, Yamaha CD-S303, Schiit Saga+, Schiit Vidar,  NSMT Chorus 25 speakers and NSMT EXP15 sub. We do not have a record collection as of yet. Based on current gear and the fact that it will get light use. What makes sense? The $379 Yamaha CD player gets light use as well. Seems like a reasonable place to start budget-wise unless its all junk at this price point. 


Why bother? If you are happy with streaming, why would you want to commit to the expense of building a vinyl option?

A good turntable is expensive.

A good cartridge is expensive.

A good phono amp is expensive.

Building a vinyl collection is very expensive.

Spending that much for something that will get "light use" makes very little sense.

Vinyl is a commitment, not a whim.



Nothing wrong with having options and a small collection of records and CDs in my opinion. Thanks for responding.

I get tremendous enjoyment out of my (now classic?) old Technics SL-1200 MK2 with an Ortofon Red cartridge. Many on this forum insist that anything less than a mega thousand TT (only belt drive accepted) equipped with a MC cartridge feeding into a multi thousand-dollar phono amp will pass muster, As they say, let your ears be the arbiter. You are operating in the same price sphere as myself. Unless you are a golden ear, lots of great options out there for under $1K, all in.