turntable recommendation

I'm thinking about reviving my albumn collection. It's been sitting there for years!

My system so far: Adcom GFA 555 amp, PS Audio 4.6 Pre-Amp, Harmon Kardon CDR-2, Meadowlark Kestel speakers. All purchased used.

Listening includes: Bonnie Raitt, Aretha Franklin, Patti Smith, Led Zepplin, Clapton, Grateful Dead and so on.

Looking to compliment what I have- nothing too finicky or too expensive. I'd also be interested in some sort of cleaning device as that was always the big problem with vinyl for me.

Looks like a great match for VPI Scout.
If you want to go cheaper than probably Music Hall MMF5 will do the trick.
There are plenty of VPI HW19 junior on the used market so make your judgement
Good luck!
Marakanetz is on the money with his suggestions. In addition to the VPI Scout ($1500, which includes the new JMW 9 tonearm), and the Music Hall MMF5, you should also look at the Music Hall MMF7 ($1k, with tonearm), or the less expensive Rega turntables (P2, P3, etc). Last, you might also consider one of the less expensive Thorens turntables. They've made a quality table for years (good old Swiss and West German standards), and there are several models that sell for under $400 (without tonearm).
Marakanetz - how does the Scout sound? I have been curious, but too few seem to know.

I am pleased with my NA Interspace and find it to be a good value, but i am saying this w/out really knowing your budget.
...the first impression was that Scout can play literally all kinds of music with no compromise to each other. This unit is engineered from more expencive VPIs and has an outstanding detail and precision.

I can realy compare Scout to my Michell Gyro SE. This system sounds faster and more forward although imaging and bass is on my Michell's side -- much better.

I listen to avant-rock, sophisticated electronics, avant-jazz and more underground kind-a stuff so I believe I've found for myself a perfect match.

I've auditioned this turntable at NYH.
Thank you "Sdcampbell". Because that's what I have right now, a Thorens. I have the TD-147. But I am also with Marakanetz when it comes to his turntable suggestions as well.

Please take the time to audition a Linn LP12. One of these with the Valahlla power supply, an Ittok arm and a modest cartridge (Sumiko Blue Point Special) is a real joy to own and can be bought for a very reasonable cost used.

Happy listening,
I agree with Lugnut, the Linn is a fine table, especially with Valhalla and Ittok. I had one for 10 years and enjoyed it very much the entire time I owned it. The Linn is bashed by many who did not appreciate the arrogant behaviour of many Linn salesmen in its early days, but the fact is that it is a very good table and for the "used" prices available today, a very good bargain. It is the table people "love to hate" because for years, it was untouchable and the target of all other turntable manufacturers. So if you disregard all the emotional controversy, the fact remains that it is one of the better tables around, particularly under $2000. None of the low to medium priced Rega tables sound as good as a Linn. I worked at a Linn/Rega dealer and compared them many times. I now own a Teres turntable and it does sound better than my Linn did. With arm and cart, it was $2300. If you can go this high, the Teres is a very good option. If you want to spend the absoulute minimum, a Connoisseur BD2A at about $100 used is probably the best sound for the money spent if you can find one. A nice British belt drive turntable for very low bucks. Not as good as a Rega though, but cheaper.
Hi guys....I'm searching too and would like to know your opinion on sub-$600 turntables. Some models I came across are : MMF-5 , Rega P-3 , Sota Moonbean and Project RM-4.

Thanks for any help.
There's a Linn with Ittok, Valhalla, and Dynavector on Agon presently at the favorable asking price. Buy it before I do!
Jahaira, if I were looking for a $600 turntable, I would buy an older Rega Planar 2 with the glass platter. Then I would upgrade the RB250 arm with the Origin Live structural mod. Then I would later replace the AC motor with the Origin Live DC motor replacement kit(adding this kit would take you over the $600 mark). You would then have a very good bearing/platter setup, a simple plinth, a giant-killer arm, and a stable motor system that wouldn't hum at the inner grooves with a Grado. The Planar 2 has the RB250 arm that, when modified, is superior to the RB300 on the Planar 3. So, there is no reason to spend more for a Planar 3 when the arm of the Planar 2 is the one you want for modification. For a pick-up, I would go for a Dynavector 10x4.