Turntable question

I need a turntable for my system and need some expert guidance from the forum.  I like the Technics SL1200GR or SL1200G, big price difference for a "starter" to add to my "modest" high end system (Marantz AV, Parasound amp, Focal Speakers).  Not sure which to choose but think the GR might be a better option. The TT's that keep coming up are the above Technics, Riga, VPI and a few others.  I have no experience in the vinyl realm but sincerely appreciate quality sound when I get into my system.  I also need advice regarding the type of cartridge, etc.  I am leaning to the Technics because I have read it is easy to set up, reliable, good sound quality and of high priority, ease of use for my wife.  She is very sharp but likes simplicity when she gets home from work.  Help!!  Thank you for any advice!

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With the priorities you mentioned the Technics looks to be a very good choice and one you should be happy with. I am a very big VPI advocate, love the unipivot arms and the over all build of their tables plus the fact they have a solid upgrade path once you purchase one of their tables but I do realise they are not for everyone and let's face it the technology behind the Technics is solid and well proven, plus the fact I have heard nothing negative about either of their models you are interested in. Enjoy the music.