turntable question?

would it be better to buy a used oracle alexandria or a new rega 3-24? It would be around the same price. Not sure if its am mk1 or 2 -thanks.
I would buy the used if it is in good shape, turntables have a long life and better quality will make a difference.
Buy the Alexandria... Rega not in the same class. However the Alexandria will require more fine tuning and set up than the Rega. There is also a chance some suspension springs are wore or need to be adjusted or may need to be replaced. If you make these adjustments and put a good cartridge on the Alexandria.... be prepared for a world class expierence!
The Alexandria is an excellent table, but the early ones had a sub-chassis that was made of several plys of different materials and they were known to warp. Once that happens it is impossible to set up the table.

I have a MKI that was upgraded to MKII but has the original sub-chassis and I spent hours and hours on it. I bought the maintenance kit and finally concluded that the sub-chassis was warped but it is so heavy I had a hard time believing it.

I finally boxed it up and a few months later found others who had the same experience. Oracle upgraded to a cast aluminum one on later models.

Unless you can check it out before buying you are taking a gamble. But it does look great and when it was new it sounded very good.

the sonic differences in the alexandria 1and 2 are not earthshattering. the condition is the most important thing. it is an incredible front end, and you would have to get into a used or new rega 7 for comparable performance.
I beg to differ with the above advise. While someone experienced in TT's may tweak better sound out of a properly functioning Alexandria, I would worry about how that perticular TT was packaged and shipped, AND, worry whether a neophyte would have any idea on how to set it up, without damage to the tonearm or cartridge/stylus assemply. Buy the new Rega, have your dealer help you set it up, save your packaging materials, be happy, learn about your purchase, and, when you figure out what upgrades you want, you should be able to sell it and recoup at least half of what it cost you, rather than buying a used, possibly dysfunctional TT, which would be relatively worthless both to you and others.
I have the Alexandria MK II and am very happy with it. Its a little frustrating for me because I have little experience in setting it all up and think it could be tweaked better. I just installed a Sumiko Blackbird cartridge and want to find someone local with more experience help me get the best sound out of it. I have thought about selling to purchase a VPI Scout but think that may be a lateral move. I am hoping mine is the newer model with the aluminum sub chassis. It weighs a ton for it's size.
I have owned an Alexandria MKII since I first bought it in 1984. A few years ago I bought the Oracle $150.00 maintenance kit and had my local guy install it for me. The kit is still available. It wasn't having any problems but now it has new springs. If you can find a users manual it explains everything very well and spring adjustment is not that difficult. It is a good looking table and sounds great for the price.

Cannot comment on the Rega, having never owned or heard one.