Turntable Problems

Hey guys, I had some misfortune with my Music Hall MMF-5, my little boy pulled it off my stand along with my Creek OBH-15 preamp, the turntable hit the ground and of course my stylus hit the top of the plinth. When i got it all put back together, and put an album on, I was getting a whole lot of hum, and could barely hear the music playing. I plugged my turntable into my other preamp (with built in phono stage) and was hearding the same hum, so i figure it's the turntable, not the preamp. Does this sound like, maybe the stylus broke off the cart. or something else ?? Any opinions or help would be appreciated. thanks.

Could be the wiring related, possible within the tone-arm? Did he pull it off by any of the cables?

Does he get a sizable allowance???
Well I took the tone arm off, and looked at the wires, everything looked in place, but when i looked at the cartridge, it's hard to tell if the stylus is still attached.
Try a 10x Magnifing Loop, to identify if there is Stylus damage. You can score a really great Zeiss optics jewlers Loop on ebay sometimes for $10.00. Comes in very handy as our vision diminishes. And stop playing records till you can see the possible damage.

Good Luck!
Frankly, a broken stylus probably wouldn't generate a lot of hum. The hum would suggest some kind of a short or a grounding problem. Also, if the stylus were broken off, you really shouldn't be able to hear any music. (You could hear music if the stylus was merely bent, though.) While I certainly agree with Audiobugged that it would be wise to check the stylus carefully with a magnifier, I would also recommend jiggling all the wires you can reach and also flipping the MM/MC selector switch on the back of the Creek. My first guess would be a pinched tonearm wire shorting to chassis somewhere. My second guess would be some kind of damage within the cartridge. Good luck.
Jameswei is right you would just be engraving your Lp's minus the stylus, & hum is grounding related issue. So if you managed to set-up the table 100% in the same manner prior to the spill? If there was no previous ground hum, it has to be wire/cartridge/stylus related. I'm liking Jameswei's bent mention!
Fairly obvious, but have you checked the cartridge clips? A loose/bent/broken/shorted cartridge ground could cause a hum.