Turntable problem

my Son's DD turntable quit spinning while listening.  he turns it off and back on and everything is fine for a few days but its starting to happen more frequently. I also posted this on tech talk.  any ideas?
You'll have to include the make and model. Probably something overheating on a circuit board from being old or the motor bearing is worn.
its a Pioneer PLX-1000. fairly new with hardly any hours on it.
I would agree with noromance, if it turns off after  period of listening and it is approx the same time each time, check the circuit board for a burned or swollen capacitor. 
well the tt does not turn off just the platter quits spinning while the arm is still in the grooves of the record and all lights are on. he'll then bring the arm back to its rest, turn it off and then back on again and it will play fine for a few days then the problem happens again. 
You're gonna have to bring it back to a Pioneer service center.
Sounds like the motor is shot. If it is new, it should be under warranty.
probably not the motor but something to do with the voltage regulation.  Motors hardly burn out.  Check the wires to see if there is anything loose.

thanks to all, I saw a pretty good video of the insides of the Pioneer and I think I'll be able to walk him through it and show him what to look for.
well my Son took the platter off and discovered the voltage switch was on 220v instead of 110v....he'll be testing it in the next few days to see if it will play normal or if this may have caused a permanent problem.
I think you'll be l fine but if you were to do the opposite 
putting in 220 on a 110 setting well all bets are off.