Turntable power supply- mains cable?

Hello Guys,

I have an sme model 10, I was wondering if anyone has experimented with mains cables on their tt power supply?
None of my current cables are long enought to try, so I was interested in any results you have come up with, especially any sme owners.
Hi, oh my yes.

Over the years I've used a Transparent powerlink xl, Kimber Paladian PK 10, Omega Micro Ribbon, and now a Purist Dominus Ferrox.

Honestly, the same types of improvments I hear with these same power cords on something like a preamp is what you'll hear on the SME 10 power supply.

I own a SME 20/2 (pics are posted under my system)

YMMV, but I doubt it here :)
I have been experimenting with the Tel-Wire cable in that application, and results are promising.

Using a better power cable improved my Scoutmaster so it should do the same for the SME.