Turntable plays 33.5 Lps very slow

Hi.. guys all my 45 rpm Lps are playing fine , but as soon as I change the belt to suit the 33 1/2 rpm Lps, it slows down to almost half I think. Its deadly slow. It couldnt be the motor since the 45 rpm's are all fine... what could it be?
Is this something that just started recently? What table? Does the belt slip? Does the motor bog down? have you re-lubed the shaft? How old is the table? More details!

actually I just got it...used.. its rega planar 3... i tried cleaning the pulley and also put powder on the belt and now both 33.5 and 45 rpm are runnign slow :)
also I dotn know how old it is.. how do I check if the belt slips... and how do I know that the motor bogs down...
If I was a betting man i'd say the belt needs to be replaced.
Running at 45rpm the larger pulley is used and takes up the slack.
Does the belt seem loose in the 33rpm position ?

I agree with rick. A belt will stretch out with age. I am curious what kind of powder did you use? Odd the 45rpm platter speed was fine before you used the powder. By chance did you use this powder when you first set up the TT?
Get a new belt and don't ever put any kind of powder on it. Occasionally clean it, the pulley and the edge of the platter with isopropyl alcohol.

Let us know how it works out for you.

Well, if your LPs really are 33.5rpm, it's no wonder they play a little slow. ;-)

Kal, the rest of us in this thread new he ment 33-1/3.
Akhan, if the powder you used was baby powder it may have moisturizing oils in it. Make sure you use 100% pure talcum powder. If you did use a baby powder with a moisturizing you will need to clean the belt to get off the oil. To clean this old belt you could use a clean tissue soaked in methylalcohol, {wood alcohol}, Not rubbing alcohol. Also reclean the motor pulley and platter edge. This might get you buy until you get a new belt.
Good luck with your new toy.
I have been experimenting with it... and I have noticed that the glass plate when set on the platter pushes the pulley down and keeps on touching the pulley while the table is turning... it makes a noise of glass and plastic rubbing against each other... so I put a rubber band between the plate and the platter to prevent the glass plate from touching the pulley and although it made the plate unbalanced it however did increase the speed (not 100% ok though)... I am thinking now of increasing the height of the shaft (platter).. is that a good idea?
12-26-04: Jea48 wrote: "Kal, the rest of us in this thread new he ment 33-1/3."

I know what he meant, too, but I couldn't resist the little joke. Note the smiley, please.
thanks guys.. turns out that the pulley is loose from the motor shaft and its not set on it all the way down. All I had to do was push it down and viola!!! thank you guys for your time and your advice...