Turntable Platter Demagnetizing

I was wondering if I use a tape deck head Degausser if that would demagnetize the turntable platter. Anyone out there have some thoughts on this also any other ideas about this matter ?
As an analogy I should recall the Forest Gump movie scene where him and Bubba cleaning the barrack floors with toothbrush.

Turntable platters aren't magnetic. The direct drive platters may have a magnet that should never be demagnetized. Cartridges should never be demagnetized.
It seems like cleaning the floor with toothbrush is more reasonable than demagnetizing turntable platter.
Take your Arrogance some were else if you can't bring something positive to the table get it . I'm trying to keep charged elements like dust particles from attaching themselves to the turntable & platter And There Are Products Actually Sold To Do This and I know the platter is not a Magnet "Bubba". Again take your EGO somewhere else I really don't like to get Angry over things, I like to learn even if I make mistakes I'm human.
Most likely static electrical charge is responsible for attracting dust particles. If that’s true and I think it is you will probably benefit from an anti static device as opposed to a demagnetizer. Besides, I suspect that most turntable platters are not made of steel or any magnetic material, you know, what with the magnetic pickup cartridge in such close proximity.another approach is installing one or more air purifiers in the room.

True Geoff, one exception being the original (not the Mk.2 version, however) Thorens TD-124, which has a ferrous sub-platter, making it unsuitable for use with Decca/London cartridges.
Thanks for the exception. Now that I think about it a demagnetizer wouldn’t work on a steel/ferrous platter, anyway. Oh, well.

Auspicious first post and first reply. Can't agree that the response was indicative of arrogance and ego. 

The charged particles your supposing are not magnetic and I can't recall any platter in the last 40 years being magnetic either. Magnetism isn't your problem. A demagnetizer isn't your answer. But supposing it was, a tape head demagnetiser would be a tedious solution, and the analogy of a toothbrush used to clean a floor actually isn't a bad one at all. A bulk tape  eraser would be the way to go if you actually had he problem you supposed which you don't. 
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I have a copper platter and would never dream of doing this however this being said using a Furutech Destat and damag will eliminate this problem.

Pro-Ject Debut III


• Plinth out of MDF in matt black or with glossy black, glossy white, silver, red, blue and green surface

• 1,3 kg balanced steel platter with felt mat

• Bearing Block 3: Low-tolerance chrome-plated stainless-steel axle runs on a polished ball bearing in a brass bearing housing

• Motor decoupled to reduce vibration

• Special, resonance damping feets

• 1,3 kg balanced steel platter with felt mat


Yes, there are TTs with steel platters.


Before I respond I have to Apologize to "czarivy" I need to put my Ego in my back pocket. After reading your response your Analogy is spot on again I'm sorry.
Thank you for the responses and ideas everyone I'll check into the Furutech Destat and Damag >benjie and ebm
"Steel" platters are probably stainless steel.  Stainless steel has a very low iron content and is generally regarded as non-magnetic.  Furthermore, ebm, copper is non-magnetic too, unless you wrap wire around it and run a current through the wire. Everything said about static electricity being the culprit is correct, IMO.  There are several available cures or treatments for static electricity in the context of playing LPs. (Brushes, anti-static guns, sprays, choice of platter mat, etc).  I don't know what Furutech "Damag" is, but if it has anything to do with de-magnetization, then you don't need it to solve this problem. "Destat" sounds more like what you need.  Any on-line vendor like Needle Doctor, Audio Advisor, etc, will have one or more products to reduce or eliminate static electric charge that can build up on platters or LPs.

Cast iron is actually quite a good platter material, in that it is less resonant than most materials. The trick is to keep it away from the cartridge, with, say, a 1 inch graphite upper platter. Nottingham Analogue does this, and it works very well indeed.