Turntable Placement

Greetings All:

Here is my Q:

I have a VPI TNT3 on the VPI base filled with lead shot. My room is in process of a facelift so I have the option of moving things around now.

I have Magnepan 3.7, VTL MB450, and CAT SL1 Preamp. I would like to move my TT closer to the amps so that I don't have to put the interconnects under the carpet again (but if I have to, that's totally fine).

In a perfect world, I would put my TT much closer to the speakers, but I am afraid that the reverberation, etc., will make a significant impact on my TT performance. Any advice?

Move your TT closer to your amps? Is that what you meant to say? More traditionally the separation questions relate to TT distance from the preamp/phono stage and amp distance from the speakers.

Anyway, a little research on identifying resonance loading points in your room should be beneficial. Try locating your TT a little out from the wall in a null position.

The most basic advice I can offer (based on personal experience) is to avoid placing your TT where the arm/cartridge will be close to a corner. Bass wave build up can affect cartridge performance. So try to locate it away from any room corner or within any type of cabinet. Since you have the VPI base I assume the cabinet question does not apply in your case.
I would keep the turntable as far from the speakers as possible. Also keep it out of the corner of the room as bass energy is higher in corners. Otherwise you could have problems with acoustic feedback. Make sure you keep the interconnects under 2m from TT to preamp shorter is better.

Another alternative is position the TT between the speakers. Since your speakers are bipolar there is not as much energy to the sides of the speakers. So if you put it in the same plane as the 3.7's it could work well. I prefer to have nothing between my speakers. It is easier to imagine the performers are in the room.
How about adding extra compliance to the lead shot base with a Gingko TNT specific Jumbo cloud 10 platform?


Personally, I'd replace the CAT with a balanced preamp and use some inexpensive made to order Canare cables from Blue Jeans Cable and circle the room to connect the VTL's. If Canare is too pedestrian for you taste these have been a hot topic.

Best it be on a side wall, about one third the distance from the speaker wall. Be sure to put an acoustic screen on the side of the stand facing the speakers. As Pryso has pointed out, all sound waves that directly impact the TT and cartridge degrade performance.
I suppose the idea to keep the table as far from the speakers makes a lot of sense. However, in my experience I have my table on a rack between the speakers and don't detect any problems. In another system I have the table adjacent to the speaker with no ill effects. It may be that my carts aren't sensitive enough to cause problems.
Vic....Gingko's are no good for VPI turntables. They absolutely ruin the sound. VPI's have to be solidly affixed to the center of the Earth for the best sound. I love the guys at Gingko...they make excellent dust covers and their speakers are good for the money, however, their platforms are an anathema for VPI's, although they may work with other tables.
I moved mine recently and noticed an improvement after doing a wall mount.
Thanks so much for all the input. Really. :)