Turntable packing wall of shame

A new feature at Vinyl Nirvana...not for the faint of heart...

Vinyl Nirvana Turntable Packing Wall of Shame
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I'm awaiting delivery of my TD160 today. You're making me nervous...
Look. Damage occurs from FEDX UPS etc even if tables are factory packed. Just face it, you take your chances with ANYTHING you ship. Have it properly packed and insured. Not that I'm boasting but I've shipped close to 100 tables.None were returned damaged. Maybe one or two were slightly damaged but not to the extend of having to file for a claim. Of course it takes me about an hour to pack one. No I'm not slow , I'm careful. Hey what about unpacking a table? Lots of buyers damage tables while unpacking . TVAD- nervous? why? no insurance? maybe you should have bought the td160 from me.
TVAD- nervous? why? no insurance?
Fully insured.

...maybe you should have bought the td160 from me.
Lolo (Threads | Answers)

Perhaps. Who are you and when did we discuss buying a table?
Dont worry - I got a Technics SP-10 mkII that stood in the rain and sun for over 5 years! It was a horrable sight. Took two days to remove the platter!

Dang darch, you get around. I have visited 4 sites this morning and have run across the exact same thread on every site.

We ALL know the possible hazards of shipping a badly packaged table, so I think it would be more helpful if instead of showing just pics of damage that has occured (on your website) to include step by step instructions with detailed pics of how to properly package a turntable for shipping. At least that way the traffic you are attempting to generate to your site will have some benefit to those who visit and can be referenced to others for future instruction.

My opinion.
I think Joel's instructions at the Turntable Factory are the quintessential instructions out there. Do a google on "how to pack a turntable" and it comes up first.

I touch on the topic in my July 14, 2005 blog, but not to the level Joel does.


I hope this helps,

My TD160 MK II arrived today in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, the dust cover hinges were broken during transport. Ironically, the cover itself is in terrific condition, and the table seems to operate well. I took off the bottom cover, and I was the first to do so. The suspension nuts have never been turned.

Anyone know a source for some replacement dust cover hinges?
Tvad - are you sure you didn't damage the hinges yourself while unpacking?

Tvad - are you sure you didn't damage the hinges yourself while unpacking?
Mwilson (Threads | Answers)

I took photos of every step of the unpacking to document any damage I might find. If I was this careful unpacking the table, you can be certain I did not break the hinges during the process of lifting the table out of the box.
Looks like I'm 0 for 1 on jokes tonight.
Looks like I'm 0 for 1 on jokes tonight.
Mwilson (Threads | Answers)
Sorry. New toy. Somewhat broken. My humor biorythym is in a trough...

Tvad, I take it the the dust cover wasn't removed and packed in a separate box?

The key to shipping tables is to remove all fragile parts and boxing them individually with appropriate support and padding.
One table I bought arrived with a broken dust cover - same issue. Fortunately I was able to repair it with help from a fellow 'goner, and the seller also made a concession for this and other issues that came to light after the purchase, so it worked out in the end.
Correct, Bdgregory.

It'll work out eventually.
I printed the pictures. I will include these along with the packing instructions just to scare the holly sh*t out of the next seller.

Hmmmm...see if he leaves me any good feedback.

paranoia runs deep......