Turntable or Cable Upgrade?


I have a Rega III turntable connected to a Krell Phono Stage. Both the phono stage and the YBA CD1 are connected using YBA Diamond interconnects. The Diamond interconnect on the digital side is beautiful, but the analog side is a bit edgy. I recently auditioned Cardas Golden Reference and while that cable has nice imaging, it is sluggish in the upper end. The rest of the system is connected using Straight Wire Crescendo. Any recommendations on the phono stage interconnect? For the sake of discussion..any recommendations on a turntable upgrade also?
The rest of the system is Classe CA 150 amp, JM Labs Mini Utopias, and dual Vandersteen 2wq subs.
The phono stage is not bad, it just cannot match the quality of the rest of the system. The issue may lie with the turntable, but I thought I would research the cable option also.

You seem to have a pretty nice system put together but may be in need of a front-end upgrade. I've noticed there are many visitors to this site who own Oracle turntables, myself included. If you come across an Oracle Delphi MkIV or MKV you really ought to consider taking the plunge.
Try a warm cartridge like one of the new Grados. Also for phono connect go to www.silveraudio.com to see their SilverBreeze phono cable. Purchased & love. My tone arms are Rega 300B, Well Tmpored & Morch UP4. Also try audioadvancements.com for alot of thoughts. Talk to Hart
Try a Audiomat Phono Stage
Yo B, Try some Purist Audio Elementa, Aqueous, or Maximus. The Elementa will take really the edge off but the midrange is not as good as the Maximus.
Thanks to all for the responses. Have ordered some tubes from "Kevin." Then may approach the cartridge/interconnect issues. Again, thanks.
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