Turntable On a moving Cart

Has anybody had experience on putting their turntable on a moveable cart so it can be right next to the listen chair?
Geez, the only exercise I get, is getting up to change a record. Take that away from me and I'd be 80 pounds over weight, instead of 50 :-)
I have three TTs. One of which is on a table with wheels. that is not for any special reason, just what I have.
No reason you cannot have the TT next to your side if you want.
Thee only issues would be levelling.. and stability.
If the cart the TT is on has extra weight added under, near the floor, it could work fine. Even piles of bricks could be the weight down there.
Then you might want to have some permanent levels on the cart sides, to get it level by rolling it around a tiny bit once it is in place.

(I assume you want it near for playing, yet able tp be moved aside when not.)

Oh yeah, you should use only a TT which is sprung on the cart. Using a unsprung TT might not work so well. (unless the cart weighed a few hundred extra pounds... those bricks.. lots of them, on a sturdy cart)