Turntable noobie...what advice do you have?

As this forum has corrupted me and I have decided to dive down the rabbit hole of LP's.  Usually I stream but I find the tactile experience of records appealing.  I have ordered a Pro-ject RPM-3 Carbon with Sumiko Amethyst cartridge and a Mobile Fidelity StudioPhono preamp. Oh, and a record brush.  I will be plugging them into my Voyager GAN amp and from there powering my LSA 20 Statement speakers.

I know there is always better equipment to get but I feel this gives a good starting point.  I picked up some new records but a half dozen does not a record collection make.  So I do plan on making my focus for the near future getting more and expanding my collection.  I listen to all kind of music so they will be many different genres.  I will be getting new ones but I will undoubtedly get some used ones too.  

Okay, so what all would you recommend for someone just getting into this hobby?  Especially if I am getting any used records, I should probably look at a record cleaner.  What else for equipment or doodads?  What about tricks or tips for increasing my collection?  In my city there is a record store called Music Millennium that I will be checking out and there of course if Barnes and Noble (where I purchased my other ones).  Do you know of places online  I should check out?  Thanks in advance for your advice. 



Last Record Preservative is a great product, which I have been suing since it was introduced. So is Stylast. Last founder Walter Davies was my first high end dealer, when he had a little shop in Livermore, CA.

Thank you everyone for the fantastic advice.  It has been very positive and I really appreciate it.  

As a nerd, I tend to research things before I pull the trigger.  The RPM-3 with the Amethyst seemed to be decently reviewed yet not break the bank.  Plus I like the like of that turntable, especially in red (which is what I am getting).  Not a traditional thing but certainly an attention getter.  

I haven't used a record player for close to 40 years and then it was usually in a plastic suitcase and playing an Alvin and Chipmunks record.  This should be a wee bit different of an experience. Also used my parent's 8 track back then and there is no way I will get one of those even if they start to make a comeback (I really hope not). 

I have ordered a sweeper and will look at getting a cleaner in short order. I will admit I read some posts last nights about a Degritter Ultra Sonic and while it seems great, the price seemed rather steep for someone starting out.  The Record Doctor seems more in line for where I am at and what the rest of my equipment is.  At least for now anyway. Since I do a lot of other stuff by hand, like making coffee, I may start cleaning the records that way as well but I want to get more familiar with them before I do. 

 I will be reading through Goldmine Grading Guide after this so I can be more informed about what I am looking at when I go used.  I will also be taking a look at Discogs.  I had mentioned Music Millennium and was planning a trip down there this weekend. But it looks like I have some other stops to make thanks to some locals who know about shops around town I didn't have a clue existed.  

Thanks again for everything thus far.  I have been trying to give back to the community so I have posted a review of my Statements and plan on doing one of the the Voyager GAN amp when it has more hours on it.  I will do the same with the turntable, cartridge, and phone preamp when things start to settle in a bit.  

Biggest and best tip:

Don't buy reissues. If possible buy used original...especially pre-90s.

I bought an 180gram 'audiophile' reissue of a popular Billy Joel album. Came home to find that I had a used version I bought at the Goodwill for 50¢. The thin, floppy 50¢ version killed that reissue!

There are good sounding reissues, but whenever there us an analog original version...most likely...it will be better.

I have reissues that sound almost as good...maybe a few that have been better...but that is very much the exception.


Regarding cleaning, I agree that new vinyl should be cleaned, used as well. I’ve got both ends of the spectrum in terms of cleaning, a Spin-Clean and The Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner… I actually use the Spin Clean more. If I’m cleaning a few new records it’s the Spin Clean. If I’m doing a lot, or it’s been awhile, I’ll use the big daddy cleaner. It’s actually not good to clean your records too often. Once done, they just get the usual brush etc. works just fine. Careful with stylus cleaning agents, many cart makers advise to not use them, check the manual. Other than that, buy records, have fun. Some will be great, some not so much. You might have to return one here or there. The sky is the limit for analog these days. For now, enjoy what you have!

Karajan's Ring, Barenboim and Dupre playing anything, Bruno Coulis Norbu, Agaetis Byrjun. There are a few starters for you.