Turntable motor upgrade, Origin Live

Looking for advice from first hand experience on upgrading my turntable motor to an Origin with the power supply regulator. I run a Well Tempered Turntable.

With all things in audio a compromise, would the $1,200 be better spent on a Shelter Cartridge and just isolating my current motor with a product such as Black Diamond Racing or Gingko platform? I currently use a Denon DL103R for cartridge and EAR 834P phono stage moded by Mitch Singerman with NOS tubes.

If I had $5k available, I would most likely upgrade the whole table to a Teres or other. But staying on a smaller budget, what is my best investment for the sonic performance gained?

I'd take a look at the used Teres 255 for sale before putting over a grand into a Well Tempered table.