Turntable Motor Replacement

Have you ever had to replace your turntable's motor?

If you have - may I ask - why?

The motor that I am using with my machine looks like it needs replacement after just 2.5 months! The bushes is worn down. It is a Crouzet from France...

Thank you,
Dewald Visser
I once had to replace the motor on my Basis Ovation; it was "chattering" a lot after about 8 years, though it did hold its speed. Replaced it when I upgraded to the Debut platter and vacuum on my table.

2.5 months is way too short a time for a motor to go, sounds like a warranty issue that the manufacturer should address.
the motor is chugging on my NAD533. Justs like Rcprinc's mine is holding speed but that noise kills me. And I can hear that noise through the headphones. it's gotta go.

I would definitely talk to the seller/manufacturer about the warranty.
I am definitly worried - this is a brand-new motor and it had cost me a bloody fortune.

It does keep its speed perfectly but it is clunky and noisy and you can feel the wear on the shaft. I should know - I designed the whole machine.

I actually want to do a high-speed DC motor for the machine - with ball bearings!

I have had a Linn Sondek Lp12 since 1982 and so far so good. Keeps accurate speed and sounds very good with the original motor.
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Sometimes motor brushes can be bad, I had replaced many in Printing Press motors and that was the exact same symptom, I know they are hardly related but brushes are brushes, clean the residue off and replace the brushes...it just might be a bad brush. After I replaced 3 sets on a German Press the tech informed me they had learned of bad brushes in the supply chain.
NOTE: My motors bushes is worn - it is a AC synchronous motor with no brushes at all. Factory sealed.

Oh I mis read, like I said I wasnt sure they were even related.