Turntable Motor

Is there anywhere to purchase AC or DC turntable motors besides Origin Live? I would appreciate all comments. Thanks much.
Yes. Just "Google" the words: "turntable motors". You will find a plethora of manufacturers and suppliers.
Hurst Manufacturing

These are the same AC synchronous motors used by VPI (both the 300 and 600 rpm). They're about 80 bucks each.

I want to thank everyone who contributed comments and suggestions.Is there any company that produces the motor and transformer or controller in one complete package?

Has anyone had experience with Origin Live's standard motor package? Please share that with me. When I called them they tried to talk me into purchasing the "Advanced Motor Package" which they said would work better with my Cranfield Rock Turntable.

sound of the wood
What are you looking for? Motor only or with cabinet, ps and motor control? Complete systems you can purchase e.g. from Scheu or TW Acustic:

Hurst has a new website at http://www.hurst-motors.com
Maxon, too.