TurnTable -> Mixer -> Audio Interface -> Macbook (Can not select audio output)

Hello. First and foremost.. thanks in advance to anybody who helps out here. I've spent hours and hours on this.

TurnTable - Numark TT200
Mixer - Pioneer DJM600
Audio Interface - Sterling Harmony H224
MacBook - MacBook Pro 2020 (macOS Monterey Version 12.0.1)

Goal: To listen to a turntable through my Macbook. Output through headphone Jack and/or wireless headphones.

Issue: Audio into MacBook is successful. But I am unable to select output from my MacBook. The only way this works is if I have QuickTime open and ready to record. Once this is open I can select output headphone jack and/or wireless headphones.

(1) Screenshot of Audio in without Quicktime running. I can not select an output

(2) Screenshot of Audio in with QuickTime running. I can select all the different audio outputs. This is my desired result.

Please note, 

The screenshot just happens to have the input tab. I can move between tabs with no problem. When I select different outputs when USB audio comes in (Headphone Jack, computer speakers, wireless headphones) no sound.

When I open QuickTime I get sound.



Maybe that's all you get. Apple won't even move files with QuickTime.

I can think of no good purpose to route analog through a computer to listen.